Which spray gun to choose – electric or pneumatic?

Which to choose – electric or pneumatic?

The question of which spray gun to choose for painting: electric or pneumatic, every novice painter is asked. In this article, we will look at each kind of spray gun and tell you which spray gun is best to choose for specific painting jobs. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to clearly understand the features of each tool, whereby it sprays the paint and which spray systems are guided in its work. Before you buy an electric or pneumatic spray gun, you also need to clearly determine what works you plan to perform with the purchased tool. So, let’s get started.Best paint sprayer for home use

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The principle of operation of an electric spray gun is quite simple. You pour the paint of the desired viscosity into a special tank for paintwork. Under the action of the electric pump (sometimes a compressor of low pressure), the paint comes to the nozzle, from which it is sprayed onto the surface to be painted. The essence of an electric spray gun is that it operates at a low pressure and spreads paint fairly large drops. In this case, the spray gun creates a fairly stable paint torch, which falls very evenly on the surface. However, it should be borne in mind that the quality of painting an electric paint spray gun can be described as “household”. They are actively used to apply paint to walls, floors, ceilings, facades of buildings, fences and other surfaces. Simply put, they paint objects where the ideal paint coat does not play a primary role.

In this case, electric spray guns have obvious advantages, which favorably distinguish them before the pneumatic brothers. The electric spray gun after purchase is ready to perform its functions as a painter’s tool. You only need to plug it into the socket, fill the paint in the tank and you can start working. In addition, it should be noted that the price of an electric spray gun will be several times lower than the set of “air-spray-compressor-hose-fittings”.
How to choose an electric spray gun?
Having stopped the choice on an electric spray gun, it is necessary to clearly understand, by what criteria it should be chosen. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the capacity and material of the paint tank. This directly affects the effectiveness of your work.

The volume of the tank should be selected, guided by the specifics of the work ahead. The larger the tank – the less often it will have to be added to the paint material, but at the same time, the paint sprayer will weigh more due to a larger amount of paint. Simply put, to paint large areas you should buy spray guns with a large tank, if you have to dot work on painting small parts and parts, it is better to choose a sprayer with a smaller tank – it will work more conveniently. In addition, pay attention to the material from which the paint tank is made. They are metal and plastic. Metal tanks are less susceptible to the negative effects of aggressive chemicals and mechanical damage (shocks, falls) and are easier to clean, but they weigh more and they can not see the level of the remaining paint.

In addition, always check with the seller, from which materials are made the main internal units of the spray gun. Pay attention to the fact that at least the mechanical parts are made of metal. Many manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing the sprayer make all the internal parts plastic. Needless to say that the plastic will quickly wear off. In addition, if you try to clean such a spray with a solvent, it can easily melt the inside of the tool, and in the end it will be completely useless.

Also an important factor in choosing an electric atomizer is the level of its vibration during operation. I used to use a spray gun that vibrated so much that it was almost impossible for them to work more than 5 minutes. After such a spray, the hand involuntarily trembles by itself and does not want to compress the fingers. That is why, in order to evaluate this factor in a particular model, we recommend that, before buying an electric spray gun at least try it at idle.

Pneumatic spray gun
Pneumatic spray gun is rightly considered a professional tool, which is very actively used in production and service stations, but before you buy such a device, you need to understand their varieties and features. The first thing you need to know when buying a pneumatic spray gun is that it requires an air compressor. Without a compressor, any pneumatic tool is useless. Moreover, to connect the spray gun to the compressor you need a special high-pressure hose, and sometimes additional fittings.