Would you like to try Stand up paddle surfing?

What is this SUP? This is a relatively new sport, the so-called Stand up paddle surfing (surfing with an oar)
!! Would you like to try Stand up paddle surfing?

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Stand up paddle surfing for riding even without wind and waves!
Best inflatable paddle board under $400The beauty of this type of surfing is that its riders are not critical about wind or waves. SUP rider does not care what kind of water surface to ride.
Stand up paddle surfing without waves and wind
SUP surfing with a paddle is suitable for riding on the river, on the sea or in the ocean (both in calm and on waves). SUP surfers ride even on mountain rivers, using a paddle board (a board with an oar) for surfing instead of rafting a kayak.
SUP rafting
Stand up paddle surfing – it’s easy!
SUP surfing with a paddle is very conditional can be called an extreme sport. Stand up paddle board (SUP board) is advisable to use for driving on calm water. It was for this purpose that it was invented. Of course, it can ride on the waves, but for these purposes there are special boards, which are smaller and lighter, and the paddle on the waves is not particularly necessary. Another thing is to go rafting down the river or to ride on the lake or on the sea in a calm. No waves! It is for such conditions that perfect sapsurfing.

Due to the fact that Stand up paddle surfing is very easy to learn, it is great for teaching classical surfing or as a substitute for beginners, children and people who do not gravitate towards extreme sports, but want to ride through the water, see the views.

SUP surfing with a paddle very quickly became popular in a professional environment and among ordinary lovers of water sports. Anyone who has ever had a ride on SUP board wants to buy it. Many acquire.

Today, international competitions are held on sapsurfing. All the hotels in the Pacific region, Europe, many in Southeast Asia, the US are buying paddleboards for their tourists (like our catamarans and boats).
Rafting on the SUP board
What to say about river rafting on surfboards with a paddle is today just a cult interest, especially in Europe.

Having slept on the river on Stand up paddle board

You swim yourself on a quiet European river, you look around where you wanted, went ashore, strolled, looked at historical sights!
SUP surfing – rafting
SUP surfing children
I would also like to note that SUP surfing with a paddle is extremely popular among teenagers. If you still think what gift to make to your son or daughter on your birthday or just like that, do not even think about it anymore. Children just fight, who is the first to ride the board.
SUP for children
Stand up paddle surfing is very easy to learn. Literally on the first day your child will learn to ride. And, most importantly, SUP surfing is quite safe. The board is very stable and feels more like a boat than a board. Board and SUP paddle do not sink, i.e. Do not lose if the child falls from the board or drops the paddle.

In the complete set is superfluous is a special lace which fastens a board to a leg. In case of a fall from the board, it will not float away from you or your child. However, of course, you need to put a life jacket on your child and be close. Water, after all ..
Stand up paddle board
Padblord (board with a paddle for SUP surfing) is quite large. The minimum size is 9.4 feet. This size has become a barrier to the spread of this sport around the world, because such a board is very difficult to transport, if not impossible. The situation changed several years ago with the invention of inflatable boards for SUP surfing.

Stand up paddle board

The inflatable board can be blown off, folded and packed in a backpack! Now you can travel to any part of the world with your board!

Backpack for SUP board

When I say to someone that an inflatable board many believe that it is soft, like an air mattress or boat. This is not true. Visually and by touch it is impossible to distinguish an inflatable board from a wooden or composite one. The inflatable SUP board is made of high-strength composite materials, inflated by a powerful pump, so that it feels more like a car tire. When we first skated on the board, we did not know that it was inflatable and then were very surprised by this fact.

Another fear of buyers of inflatable boards is due to the fact that the inflatable surfboard can be pierced or torn. It is possible, but again it is not so simple, a comparison with car tires, probably, will come in handy again to describe how difficult it is to break it. Simply put, the chance to pierce an inflatable surfboard is the same as breaking a wooden or composite board.