How to choose a treadmill

Not going from the spot: how to choose a treadmill Running has always been considered not only one of the most easily accessible sports, but also one of the most useful. “If you want to be strong – run, you want to be beautiful – run, you want to be smart – run” – said the ancient Greeks.

Modern science claims the same thing – running at run affects the whole body and the benefits of systematic training are enormous.

During the training sessions all muscle groups are involved. Their quality training is one of the secrets of health. In addition, strong muscles usually serve as a pledge of healthy joints.

Running is the training of the cardiovascular system. The load on the heart improves blood circulation and oxygen supply of organs.

If you want to lose weight, running is one of the best and easiest ways. Take a look at this table: Of course, all the data in the table are approximate – a lot depends on the intensity of the exercises, the correctness of the actions and the characteristics of your body, but they convincingly show how running is effective in fighting excess calories.
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Running helps to deal with depression, saves from stress and just cheers up. After properly selected running training in the body, serotonin (“a hormone of happiness”) is released.

Running contributes to longevity, slowing down the aging process. Constant jogs activate the growth hormones, which allows you to stay young for a long time. Those who run regularly, there is a higher rate of efficiency in old age.

And, finally, running develops personal qualities – self-control, purposefulness, will power; increases self-esteem and confidence that a person can cope with any difficulties. All these facts have long been known. What stops most people, why do not they use such a useful recipe for longevity? Complexity – in the systematic. You start to run in inspiration, and a month later you “break” and the effect of “secret” is lost.

The reasons can be a lot – basically, of course, it’s laziness, inconvenience of location, bad weather, etc. Each of these things can shake your determination to run today before work. Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and its famous “engine” inspires the creation of newer and newer simulators for your convenience. To date, the best solution for those who like running, but for some reason is not ready to give time to jogging in the fresh air – a treadmill.

This simulator allows you to choose a training mode for almost any needs – from easy athletic walking to preparations for marathon distances. Buying the

Best treadmill for home

is not a panacea. Sometimes this useful and not cheap simulator in a month or two turns into a simple piece of furniture or a clothes hanger. This can happen simply because of an insufficient level of motivation. But at the same time, another common reason for refusing training is the wrongly chosen simulator.

Let’s take a look at the most important characteristics of the treadmills and find a reliable companion for a healthy lifestyle. The main characteristics of treadmills Treadmills are distinguished by a variety of models and prices. Before you start choosing, decide on your needs and opportunities. Discarding variants that are not completely satisfactory to you, you can start studying the characteristics of models.

Type of drive treadmill According to the principle of running treadmills are divided into mechanical and electrical.

1. Mechanical treadmills The main part of any treadmill is a rotating blade. The mechanical path is set in motion by the practitioner himself – his efforts drive the canvas. The athlete slows down – the canvas moves more slowly; when the speed is increased, the tape is also accelerated; and if a person does finish training at all, the canvas will stop. The load level is determined by the angle of inclination of the running belt or by the braking force of the belt by the front shaft (mechanically or by means of magnets). Mechanical track InterAtletika Santana KL-1301 Advantages of mechanical tracks:

Low cost. The absence of an electronic part significantly reduces the price of the simulator. In addition, running on the simulator, you will save on electricity – such tracks do not need to be connected to the power grid.

Autonomy. The simulator can be placed anywhere – in the garden, in the basement or on the outdoor terrace. You do not need to think about the location of the outlets.

The naturalness of movement. If you are used to jogging, but for some reason want to replace them with lessons on the treadmill, remember – the mechanical treadmill is closer to reality. You can run at the usual pace, changing it, when and how you want.

Light weight. Due to the lack of an electric motor, these simulators are lighter (often – and more compactly), and therefore more convenient for carrying. Disadvantages:

Increased strain on muscles and joints. Because of the “naturalness of running”, which for some people is a plus, some people should refuse.

2. Electric treadmills The running belt of such tracks is driven by an electric motor. The speed of the motion of the canvas is set in advance. Its range depends on the power of the motor, which we will talk about. Electric tracks are certainly more popular than mechanical ones.

Advantages of electric tracks:

A variety of training programs and additional parameters. Depending on the class of the electric track, you can set a lot of parameters, develop special training programs, choose the speed of the canvas and much more.

Smooth and constant running of the tape spares your joints. With the correct selection of the thickness of the running belt, the load on the joints is reduced to a minimum.

Pleasant trifles. Connecting to the power supply allows you to use a lot of additional functions that are not directly related to training – from music accompaniment and the ability to run (literally!) To check the mail before full viewing of movies and visualization of the jogging route. disadvantages

High price. Additional structural elements and a wide range of options increase the price of the simulator.

Need to be connected to the mains. Such tracks are not very mobile. Before buying, be sure to consider their location and check the presence of the outlet next to it. In addition, you will have to pay for the electricity you spent during training. Running cloth There are several important factors to consider.

1. Size The length and width of the fabric is an individual characteristic. Dimensions vary from about 35 cm to 55 cm in width and from 110 cm to 145 cm in length. Many, hurrying to make a choice, buy treadmills with a margin, following the logic of “the main thing, so as not less.” This is not a very good approach. Firstly, the simulator will occupy an extra place. Secondly (in the case of electric tracks), you will need a model with a more powerful engine and, accordingly, the cost of electricity will increase. Thirdly, you will pay money for an additional area that you do not need. Choose the size of the track, based on your height, step length, and the same parameters of all family members who will use the simulator. For a test, you can go to the fitness center and choose the most convenient option. The size of the canvas should be sufficient so that you do not stumble. The main thing is the feeling of comfort in a convenient mode for you. For example, a person of medium height and medium build will fit a path 40 cm wide and 120-130 cm long.

2. Number of layers of the running belt Multilayered treadmill provides its softness and protects you from injuries. This is a particularly important characteristic for people who have joint problems. To enhance the orthopedic effect, choose the right shoes – sports sneakers for indoor exercises. Among other things, the multi-layer fabric is more durable. As you wear it, you can turn it around.

3. Angle of the running fabric One way to change the load – with different angles of the blade. This allows you to work with different muscle groups. On simpler models, the angles change manually (mechanical adjustment). In more functional treadmills, the tilt angle is set on the control panel, changing with an electric motor (electric adjustment).

Treadmill FitLogic Miracle V380 with electric tilt adjustment Engine power Of course, this item is worth paying attention to those who want to buy an electric treadmill. It is the motor that determines the maximum speed of the web, the maximum permissible weight of the user. When determining engine power, it is important not to get confused. Manufacturers indicate two parameters – the constant and peak power of the engine. Peak power is not so important – it determines the speed of acceleration of the running belt. The indicator of constant power is one of the main ones.

It is the constant power that ensures uniform traction during training. On the one hand, the more powerful the engine, the more reliable the track will be. After all, when running, a person sometimes exerts a load on the canvas twice as large as his weight. However, consider other factors. For example, the smaller the physical size of the web, the lower the engine power is needed. Do not overpay for what you do not need. For a person weighing up to 80 kg, the engine power is 1.5 hp. is quite sufficient. Console (control panel) The console is located between the handrails of the treadmill and differs from model to model.